Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surviving the "End of the World" Made Easy.

Some wonderful artwork from HR Giger.

Surviving the "End of the World" Made Easy

    "They" are everywhere. Ever since last week more an more of them just started popping up. What they seem to be is some sort of "creature" that has a taste for human flesh. So much so that even when presented with other kinds of meat, they ignore it out right. Something about us makes these things just drool at the idea of devouring people. They eat and eat... and their numbers grow exponentially every day. It is like they are coming out of thin air. It was just last week, on a Tuesday, when everything was still normal, as in "no monsters were eating your neighbors" normal.

    I was just working on some papers I had due later that week when I decided to take a break and turn on the T.V. It was mostly normal, commercials, crappy reality TV, sitcoms; you know, the regular crap they put on. I was just flipping through the channels looking for something to watch when I came across a news bulletin on a popular News station. It seems like there was a "Animal Attack" of some kind a little girl got severely injured along with 4 other people (who later we found out were her family) completely torn apart. For some reason this story interested me so I just left the channel on and went to check my email while some food was in the microwave.

    I came back to some great smelling food and more news of attacks. They were pouring in from all over the country: one was a kid who was playing at his park when he was then savagely killed and then eaten, another was a group of teens who were found strewn out on the ground with all of their appendages laying about, and another was about another family who were found in their home being mostly bones. When all of this news of animal attacks continued flowing in the news people on the T.V. started getting real nervous. They went to a commercial and I went to eat my food which was getting cold.

    Finally after a couple of ads for beauty products, the news was back on, and none of it was even slightly good. Thousands of more reports were streaming in one after another with more gruesome stories to tell the now scared populace. They eventually got a picture of what was causing all of these deaths and it looked like something out of a horror movie. Long legs, long arms, white skin, a long head, sunken eyes (which were black as hell) and a mouth that was contorted in a grin-like fashion with what seemed like thousands of pointy teeth. I suddenly needed to run to the bath room because my food was now trying to make a come back after the sight of that creature.

    After cleaning myself up I headed back to the T.V. The Anchors were reading off some kind of list of things that people should do like: lock the doors and windows, stay inside, keep quiet, and grab some sort of weapon in case one of these things gets inside. I thought that this time I should actually follow what they say on the news and went to lock everything down. I should mention that I live in an apartment building and I'm on the top(5th) floor. I also have a balcony were I would go out and sit and relax for a bit before I went back inside to do whatever I needed to do.

    Once I made sure everything was locked down, I went and grabbed my weapon of choice which was a revolver I had gotten from my parents as a gift when I moved out (thoughtful of them right?). I loaded it up and grabbed the extra bullets I had for it and also got my baseball bat just in case. While the people on the T.V. were still re-reading the list of things to do and not to do, I went to my balcony to see if anything was happening in my neck of the woods.

    Outside seemed normal enough... Birds still chirping, dogs still barking, my annoying neighbors down stairs fighting. Yeah this was still very normal. I had a sit down on my chair outside and had a smoke. While there I started hearing a faint siren, like it was far away, start to get louder and louder. With this siren, more and more noises that seemed very, very out of the usual started happening. Shouts, screams, gun fire, cars crashing, explosions, every god damn thing that could happen, happened.

    I sat there, on my little porch up in the sky amazed at what was going on. It was like the end of the world. However, I still didn't see anything. I could only hear it and maybe see smoke off in the distance. I then saw a helicopter fly by towards the now rising smoke. I thought it was probably the local news trying to get in on this story too. I watched as it flew to the smoke and started hovering over a certain area. It stayed this way for a bit and I was wondering what the hell it was looking at when my door bell rang.

    Now I should also mention that I don't usually talk to any of my neighbors, except to tell them to be quiet or something like that so this was odd. I headed to the door and looked through and saw the land lord outside looking very unnerved. I opened the door and was greeted with the usual yelling I get from said land lord and then he told me to stay inside tonight. He had been telling the rest of the residents to stay indoors tonight if they hadn't already gotten the hint. I told him sure, I was gonna any ways, and closed the door, locking and dead bolting it after it was closed.

    That was last week. I haven’t heard from him or anyone else since the day after that. Even the people down stairs who were always fighting were seemingly gone. No one was in the building anymore, or if they were, they were doing a damn good job of keeping quiet. Also since then I actually saw some of these creatures that are causing this “end of the world” situation just wondering around outside. They apparently never thought to look up and I was just there, out in the open. Food was running low though, but I still had my emergency supply completely stocked with enough canned food to last me months. Water is still good since the water still has not been turned off, but I have been filling up empty bottles and every other container with it just to be safe.

    I’m still here, still alive. Unlike so many other people, and I plan on keep surviving till this whole thing is over, whenever that may be. I have barricaded my door with everything heavy in my apartment so that it will be hard even for me to get that door opened. If anyone is out there, not dead, good luck. That is all I can do for you.

Good luck.