Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ever just have one of those days...

...when you honestly believe that for some reasons or another, your brain decided to have a vacation with out you knowing about it. Kinda like those days when for some reason, it seems like you had lost your smarts from the previous day and became somewhat of a dumb ass. The days when you decide to eat everything within sight, and then go to the grocery store, and get some more. The days when after weeks and weeks of your friends trying to get you to do something that you would normally never do, you decide "Hey, what the hell. I'll try it!" and something horrible happens. The days that you'll remember for the rest of your life, and kick yourself in the ass for.

Those days are what make people, people. The reason being is that when we make mistakes or do something out of the ordinary, we gain something in return for whatever may have happened. That thing we get is knowledge. Knowledge to know never, EVER do that thing again. It's like when we were kids and the stove was on. Rather than tell us not to touch it, our parents just stayed silent as we slowly reached for the extremely hot metal/stove thing. Then we touch it, and it hurts like hell. You ask your parents why did they let you do something like that, and you know what they said? "Now you know not to touch something that is freaking hot."

The mistakes we make in life help build us up. It shows which paths not to take, and which ones are much better to travel. So even if you know it is a bad idea, you should at least try it once just so that you know that it was a really, REALLY stupid idea in the first place.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Point of View

Here is a short little essay that I wrote for my other blog.


Point of View

         When I think about the world we live in right now, its kind of like looking into a future in which you are living. We have so many great things going for us, yet a lot of people just do not see it. When presented with something that could extend our lifetimes possibly indefinitely, they say that only pathetic pieces of shit would actually do it rather than face death like the rest of them. These people who are looking forward to such advances in technology are not doing so because they are "afraid of death" but rather they want to experience more than what their lifetimes could give them. They are the ones who want to see the human race one day leave this small planet in the corner of no-where, and go on to do great things. They are the ones who want to witness history as it is happening, and be apart of it too.

         Sure, there are people who would do this just because they are afraid of death and all that comes with that, but who isn't? If you are not afraid to die then there is something seriously wrong with you. We as humans do not know what comes after this life, and we may never know. We have people who say they know what happens after death because it was told by a book written thousands of years ago. The reason why they had that all that time ago was that they still didn't know what happens after death, and they were making the best guesses they could with what they knew.

         Now with all of the technology we have today, the idea that there is something "after" death is becoming more and more questioned. Now I'm not here saying that there isn't, what I'm saying is that we do not know. At least till our times come whenever that might be. And who knows... maybe there is some second chapter to our existence after we leave our earthly bodies. We will never know.

         Anyways, what I'm trying to get across is that rather than being pessimistic about life and our world, we should be hopeful that we rise above the challenges set before us and come out as better people than we are today. If not us, our children and then their children. We have so much going for us as a species and people just don't seem to see that. There is a road of endless opportunities laid out before us that leads to who knows where, but we should follow it. It would be better than just sitting off to the side of the road thinking "I'm done" because if we try to do something, no matter how long it could take, I have a feeling that we will be able to do it one day.

        And hey, it would be nice to see us humans exploring the galaxy one day, and then the Universe another. We just have to hope that the future us' will decide to stay on the road rather than stopping off to the side. 

A short story called "Let's Watch the World Burn"

Let's Watch the World Burn

    It was all over the news for the past couple of days. The growing tension between the United States and Russia has been growing with the assassination of the president and the coup that happened the following day. The conservatives finally had their government back. With the new president in power, changes have started appearing all over America. Many of them putting it back into a God fearing country from which it came from. I thought about fleeing, seeing as this country was not the one that I was born in, and that it was slowly moving towards war with most , if not all other World powers because of it idiocy which had taken shape with in. I thought about leaving, and going to country that was not apart of this stupidity that was about to take place, but my apathy dictated me to stay, and just watch how things developed.
    It was a month after the new Government had taken over when it had declared war on the rest of the world, stating that it was not fit to exist except for under the "Democratic" flag of America. I should have left when this happened, but I didn't. I didn't think anything bad would happen if I just kept my head down and let the world continue on to its path of destruction. This is when I met her. She was exactly my type, and we hit it off great. We fell in love after the first week. Then we heard that our country was going to destroy the rest of the world so that only our country can exist. Well Russia was not gonna have any of that so they declared war on America the next day.
    For some reason, no one knows now, someone fired the first shot that would end the world as we know it. After this shot, America with all its power decided it would make an example of Russia by glassing it over with its nuclear arms. Russia decided to stop this and used its own nuclear weapons as soon as we fired our own. When I heard what was happening, I realized it was too late, and ran for her. We then went to the top of the nearest building and watched as our world came to an end. As the mushroom cloud grew, and the shock wave got closer, I looked into her eyes and said "At least I found you in the end". We held each other as our world, and lives, came to an end in the blink of an eye.

Here is a short story I wrote in the span of and hour.

I posted this on my other blog some time ago.

Here it is

Middle of Nowhere "Hope"

It was a normal afternoon in this small town in the middle of nowhere. The towns people went about their daily lives with out the slightest clue on what was about to happen to them. They shopped, cleaned, talked, laughed without the knowledge of what was to come. The end was close alright, at least for this small town in the middle of nowhere.

It began on a seemingly normal afternoon. The sun was high in the sky, kids were out and about playing their silly games and their parents were working and talking with one another. Suddenly, a scream so loud and high pitch came out of nowhere and paralyzed the towns people. It was as if this noise was coming from inside their heads. Some began clawing at their face to hopefully stop it, but nothing helped. And as suddenly as it sounded, it vanished. A eerie silence over took the town and not a single noise was made.

As the people started to recover from this random and horrifying ordeal, something even worse appeared on the horizon. From the east, a great, black mist was barreling towards the town. Most people had enough time to make it in, but others were unlucky. They were trapped in this pitch black mist with nothing that would let them see. Even flashlights could not cut through this impenetrable darkness. As the people that were left outside began to try to find a way out of this darkness, the screams came. Not the ones heard earlier that day, but a different kind of scream. The kind only a man in his death throughs would make.

One man that was fortunate enough to find his way to a building began to see strange shapes in the dark, rolling mist. He called out to them, but there was no response. Suddenly more screaming and yelling was heard from multiple directions as if the whole world around him was being slaughtered. The man began to run and try to find a way inside this building that was acting as his one form of direction he could trust. As he began searching for a way in he stumbled over some sort of garbage someone must have left out. He fell hard against the cold ground just for a moment, and then he felt the wetness forming on his shirt. He then noticed a strange smell that he could only describe as the smell of iron.

At the realization of what he just stumbled over he began to panic. The sounds from whatever was out there were getting closer ans closer and he still could not find a way in. Then he saw it. A light in the darkness in the form of a store front windows. He began sprinting towards his only salvation when all hope drained from his world. Something stood in front of the windows. That something was not human, or animal, or anything he had seen before, but he felt like this was not the first time humans and these thing had crossed paths because he felt a sort of primal fear sweep across his body at the sight of it.

It looked, form a distance, like a very tall and skinny man. However in the light its features that differentiated them from us were all to obvious. The creature was so skinny, you could see its bones, or what he thought were bones poking through its hairless exterior. Its arms were abnormally long , reaching to the ground almost when the creature took a hunchback position. The limbs were very skinny, almost bone like and had the feeling of sharpness from them. What was worse of all was the head. Its skull looks like it was elongated at the back of the skull giving it a very strange, oval like appearance from the side. Then there was the face. The face is what really made the man drop to his knees and begin to whimper like a small child. The face seemed like it was stretched into a evil looking smile that reached from one side of its massive head to the other with long rows of sharp and point teeth. Its nose was what a humans would if there was no skin or cartridge on it. Then the eyes, they were sunken into the creatures head and made it so that when you look into them, you feel like your being swallowed up into a current of never ending horror and innocence.

The creature noticed this small man sobbing uncontrollable on the ground and made its way towards him. As the creature moved away from the window, the man saw what would happen if he even made it inside. Pieces of meat and flesh were strewn about the lite room as if the creature that did so was playing with the remains of the victims. He also saw a little hand print of blood made on the window that could have only came from a child...

The man knew he was going to die and then ripped apart to satisfy some otherworldly creatures desire and he knew nothing he could do would save him. He decided after seeing that small hand print, he would at least go down fighting. Even though nothing could save him, he still needed to try to live and not resign his fate over to this creature that stood before him.

He slowly got himself off the ground and was able to stand just barely, wobbling to the left and right as he tried to stabilize his fear induced tremors. He looked at the creature and said something under his breath as if to someone else and then he smiled. He rushed towards the creature and the creature rushed towards him. As he comes in closer to the creature, all doubt is gone within his mind. He was at peace with what was about to happen. They then reached each other as the black mist that blocked out all light, except for this one kindled inside this mans heart, hope.

New blog with hopefully new ideas.

Since on my other blog a great majority of what I post is stuff I write, I decided to actually have a blog specifically for that purpose. Since I do not have anything to post story wise at this moment, I am going to slowly add my other writings from the other blog here, along with short things like I write in like <20 minutes. Also, I am going to participate in the November writing thing where you have to write a 50000 word story. I think that will be fun! :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what this blog may become.