Friday, September 24, 2010

Point of View

Here is a short little essay that I wrote for my other blog.


Point of View

         When I think about the world we live in right now, its kind of like looking into a future in which you are living. We have so many great things going for us, yet a lot of people just do not see it. When presented with something that could extend our lifetimes possibly indefinitely, they say that only pathetic pieces of shit would actually do it rather than face death like the rest of them. These people who are looking forward to such advances in technology are not doing so because they are "afraid of death" but rather they want to experience more than what their lifetimes could give them. They are the ones who want to see the human race one day leave this small planet in the corner of no-where, and go on to do great things. They are the ones who want to witness history as it is happening, and be apart of it too.

         Sure, there are people who would do this just because they are afraid of death and all that comes with that, but who isn't? If you are not afraid to die then there is something seriously wrong with you. We as humans do not know what comes after this life, and we may never know. We have people who say they know what happens after death because it was told by a book written thousands of years ago. The reason why they had that all that time ago was that they still didn't know what happens after death, and they were making the best guesses they could with what they knew.

         Now with all of the technology we have today, the idea that there is something "after" death is becoming more and more questioned. Now I'm not here saying that there isn't, what I'm saying is that we do not know. At least till our times come whenever that might be. And who knows... maybe there is some second chapter to our existence after we leave our earthly bodies. We will never know.

         Anyways, what I'm trying to get across is that rather than being pessimistic about life and our world, we should be hopeful that we rise above the challenges set before us and come out as better people than we are today. If not us, our children and then their children. We have so much going for us as a species and people just don't seem to see that. There is a road of endless opportunities laid out before us that leads to who knows where, but we should follow it. It would be better than just sitting off to the side of the road thinking "I'm done" because if we try to do something, no matter how long it could take, I have a feeling that we will be able to do it one day.

        And hey, it would be nice to see us humans exploring the galaxy one day, and then the Universe another. We just have to hope that the future us' will decide to stay on the road rather than stopping off to the side. 


  1. As a transhumanist and a communist, I very much appreciate the sentiment of this post. I just wish we lived in a social system where we could successfully apply our unlimited potential.

  2. Pretty good read. And while yes, people are generally afraid of dying,some people are afraid of progress. Human progress is good, just as long as it doesn't cost you your humanity in the process.